Quality Management

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ESM Building Solutions

Quality Management

Quality comes first at ESM and to achieve quality of the highest level we employ modern quality management systems.
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Quality Management

After more than 20 years industry experience, our quality management system has been continually improved and refined to help us to meet and maintain the highest standard of customer service. This process driven system supports the following procedures and initiatives:

  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Reviews
  • Inspections and testing
  • Auditing & Reporting

Our quality management process is an essential tool to monitor our performance, and customer satisfaction. We have developed a Quality Inspection (QI) Report to track our performance, note any non-conformance issues in our service provision, and monitor customer satisfaction. The QI report also allows us to have full traceability and oversight of our contracts and our technicians. Our Quality Inspection system includes:

  • Quarterly meetings between our Client Account Managers and the customer to ensure continued satisfaction with our level of service, and the scope of the service agreement
  • Periodic spot checks by our trained Site Managers to ensure quality service provision (no short cuts!) and customer satisfaction


OH&S Management

At ESM, the safety of our employees and our clients is paramount. We have developed and implemented a rigorous OH&S management system encompassing risk assessment and mitigation as well as regular Worksafe approved training courses.

Environmental Management System

As one of our Strategic Objectives, working in an environmentally conscious manner is at the heart of everything we do. To ESM, Environmental consciousness is not just about using non-toxic products; it is about minimising our impact on Earth’s resources as much as possible while still delivering a high level of sanitation.

Our Environmental Management System is a comprehensive program designed to assess each client facility. The system is used to determine the equipment, products and procedures we use, and allows us to see where we may implement greener alternatives.

Other steps we have implemented in our daily operations to maximise our sustainability include:

  • Regular meetings with our longstanding suppliers to ensure we are across new innovations in environmentally sustainable products and equipment
  • Across many applications, we have implemented the use of microfiber which allows us to clean without using harsh chemicals
  • We utilise biodegradable cleaning solutions wherever possible
  • In partnership with our valued clients, we have successfully implemented a Waste Management Program to educate our staff and visitors of the importance of reusing and recycling wherever possible

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