Facility Management and fire protection equipment

Facility Management and fire protection equipment

Maintenance and management of the fire protection equipment at any facility is one of the most critically important functions for a building owner. These life saving devices are essential tools for the safety of staff, residents, students or guests, and a legal requirement. As compliance and technology requirements for fire protection equipment continues to be ever more extensive, the maintenance and management of can become overwhelming and time consuming, particularly across several sites.

Utilising an automated system can be an invaluable tool to a facility manager or building owner. This technology is designed to manage maintenance schedules, service requirements, keep records and generate reports. An automated system can assist in streamlining the process of managing and maintaining fire protection equipment. The end-to-end traceability of smart technology is particularly valuable when it comes to record keeping and information storage. The ability to maintenance schedules and product details online reduces the risk of missing a critical maintenance date due to human error or lost hardcopy documents.

If you are a facility manager or a building owner, look for a fire protection installer who offer automated smart technology system to assist with regular maintenance and management of your fire safety equipment.

Smart technology management for fire protection equipment has the following benefits:

Manage your installed equipment across multiple sites

Do not miss an update, a battery change, contracted maintenance or a scheduled check. Easy access to online records



Log, track and check service requests at the touch of a button. Know when a technician is arriving, and view maintenance reports quickly and easily.


Online record keeping

Access your records online across all sites. Maintain inspection reports, replacements and defect lists electronically


Rapid response to faults or issues

If, during a maintenance inspection, or general use, a fault is noted, have the details of your fire protection service on hand for an immediate call out, offering you and your residents or staff peace of mind.


Reporting at your fingertips

Generate reports, or download compliance certificates as needed.